Strolling Magic

This is the perfect icebreaker for guests to come together and talk about what they have just seen which loosens the tension and allows people to enjoy themselves more - especially if they are together for the first time. Strolling magic works in just about any venue possible such as in restaurants, convention centers, hospitality suites, weddings and even private residences where there are groups of people all around. Please keep in mind though that this is best during a cocktail hour or social mingling period and not when people are eating a full sit down meal.


Close Up Magic

HUBB specializes in Close Up Magic and it's his favorite. This is similar to strolling magic, but in a much more formal and structured environment. This is ideal when you would like the magic to be the main entertainment and when everyone can come together at the same time to watch. There is lots of humor, audience interaction, and magic all mixed in together where all that is needed is a table, chairs, and a captivating audience.

Beer and Magic 2-164.jpg

Bar Magic

Bar Magic is exactly as it sounds. Very similar to the Close Up Magic but this is behind a bar interacting with guests and the bartender engaging with people as they come and go. The benefits to this is the magician's main job is to help build tips for the bartenders. A bar magician also creates more sales in drinks as people are more likely to come back to see more.


Stand Up Magic

Magic performed for a larger group similar to stand-up in a comedy club where there is one performer and a small platform or stage to be on. Much like a formal close-up show, everyone will be watching and enjoying at the same time, but this option plays for larger audiences ranging form 50-300 people. The best part of this type of magic is that there are no big stage props or equipment to setup or worry about since everything performed follows a simple formula of material that packs small, but plays big and is highly interactive.

Rotating Magic

This is the most popular show option when you have too large of a group for a formal close-up show nor the time for strolling magic to take place. All of your guests would be able to have their own semi-private show in an intimate enviornment and then rotate out with another group coming in afterwards. These rotating shows would happen as many times as you would like throughout your event. All that is required is a separate room or space where chairs can be setup to allow 15 to 30 guests at a time to watch and participate in several twenty minute shows.